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Leading the Field in

Sports Chiropractic


What Hybrid Health
Has to Offer:

     - Myofascial Release         

​​- Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome Relief​      

- Rotator Cuff/Impingement Relief

- Increased Range Of Motion

-Cupping Therapy

-Dry Needling

+ More!

Soft-tissue tools, FAKTR, therapy

Sports Minded Chiropractic Care

Our office looks at the body as a whole. We analyze the spine, surrounding musculature, extremities, and movement patterns. Dr. Suzanne uses thorough evaluations to help give each patient individualized care specific to their needs.

Monday: 8am-12pm
Tuesday:  8:30am-11:20am & 2:20pm-7pm
Wednesday: 2:20pm-6pm
Thursday: 8:30am-11:20am & 2:20pm-6pm
Friday: {Varies weekly}


Available by Appointment Only

Early Morning and Late Night Appointment available! 

           Hybrid Health Sports Chiropractic & Rehab |          Greenville, South Carolina               

Let's Be

1014 Wade Hampton Blvd.

Suite 5

Greenville, South Carolina 29609


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